Marketing ManagementPlease help me in elaborating: 1. Socio–culture environment   2. New Trends in Advertising  

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Socio-Culture environment can refer to many things, but in general the sales market for a good or service in terms of what is both popular and tolerable to the consumer public.  Say for example I wanted to air The Family Guy and Southpark in the 1980's, in those days the socio-cultural environment would have been much less tolerant of those shows, or at least they would have been less popular, and therefore likely unprofitable.  In terms of a product, SUV's gained popularity in the 1990's, as minivans lost favor but people still needed to move their families and possessions around in a single large vehicle.  Therefore, the socio-cultural environment of the 90's was favorable to SUV's.

New trends in advertising could include web advertising, which is still coming into its own, and the use of targeted web advertising along with it.  A coming trend might be product retail advertising, which is voice advertising from store shelves when they sense you taking a certain item from the shelf.  So if you put chips in your shopping cart, a voice ad about a special on salsa would be played right there in front of you. 

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Social and cultural factors have tremendous influence on the marketplace. For example, fifty years ago, no one in the United States would have considered trying to market "black culture" to white suburban teenagers. Today, the hip-hop culture is one of the most pervasive music and advertising influences in America, regardless of the race and ethnicity of purchasers.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Socio-cultural environment in marketing refers to the social and cultural characteristics of the people who constitute its target markets. These characteristics include the the types of social groups that exist within the market and the culture of each of the social groups. The social groups may be defines base on many different considerations such as ethnicity, religion, profession, nationality, age group, and sex. Culture refers to the general ways of behaving, including values, attitudes and prejudices that are common to the group. Generally an individual faces some group pressure to adopt these culturally determined behavior patterns.

Trend in Advertising is a topic that is quite independent of socio-cultural environment. The major link between the two is the pattern of use of communication channels, through which advertisement may be delivered to the people.

The major trend in advertising is attributable to the increasing use of IT and the Internet for advertising. This combined with popularity of CRM (customer relationship management) has changed the profile of communication channel, the form or design of advertisements, and the way advertisements are targeted. Now there is an increasing trends to target advertisement to ever increasingly narrower customer and to customize the advertisement message and timing to suit each customers. The advertisements, or other marketing communication are then delivered to individual customers using techniques such as e-mail, SMS, call-centers, and links on web pages.

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