Marketing I had to create a fantasy pro football team for my marketing class and I need a variety of opinions about 3 publicity activities that I could do (that includes my players) that...


I had to create a fantasy pro football team for my marketing class and I need a variety of opinions about 3 publicity activities that I could do (that includes my players) that demonstrates eagerness to give back to the local community. Please explain the advantages of these activities for both the community and the organization. Thanks! :)

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I have a strong, negative opinion about one-time publicity stunts that try to make professional athletes look good in the community.  So I would advise that you think about ways these athletes can give back to their community on a longer-term basis.

If the athletes were to conduct a series of activities that benefit one or more local, community-based organization(s), that would show more commitment to the community than just a photo-op event that looks good for about a week.

A series of events where the athletes provide time to youth and help them get interested in sports and appropriate behaviors on and off the "game field" would provide longer-lasting support to the community because they would be teaching and advising a future generation of adults.

Fundraising events could benefit organizations in need of funds for staffing, capital improvements, services, etc.  These are typically one-time events but can bring in a lot of dollars in short time with little commitment.  But a well-known athlete (even locally well-known) participating on the board or the fundraising committee of that organization can provide more sustainable funds over a longer time.

Combining short- and long-term activities demonstrates commitment yet spreads out the players' demands in a way that can have a long-lasting effect on the community.

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If your players do stuff for the community, that helps the community by (for example) having new recreational or educational facilities constructed, or by having more volunteer programs to help with reading or with caring for the sick, or whatever kinds of programs your players do.

The organization benefits because people feel better about it.  They don't see your players as overpaid gangsters -- they see them as nice people.  This will make them care about the team more and want to go to games, watch on TV, buy replica jerseys, etc.

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Your assignments focuses on activities that could be undertaken to demonstrate eagerness to give back to local community. Here you need to be clear about several things. First and foremost, is it just demonstrating eagerness to achieve some immediate marketing goals, or genuine efforts to help the local community? Assuming that you are talking about actually helping the local community, you need to develop clarity on a few additional issues.

First you must find out what are the need of the local communities. Next you need to examine your and football team ability to contribute in some of this area. This will result in identification of possible activities that you and the football team can take up. You can then select one or more activities from the list based on constraints such as budget and time and the evaluation of cost and effort versus benefits.