As a marketer, how can you market a Tourism Business  

Expert Answers
dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A marketing strategy for a tourism business could take several fronts: look locally for free advertising, develop a company website that promotes the business, do some research on SEO/search engine optimization tactics, attend local trade shows to showcase the business and make contacts with others in the industry, join the local chamber of commerce and local civic organizations. Both will aid in promotion of your business. Personally call on local hotels, car rental agencies, and near by attractions/points of interest/restuarants to promote your business on a one to one level. Offer discounted rates to these local businesses.

hef20 | Student

I feel tourism relies heavily on customer satisfaction, so if you feel like you can really give people a quality service, then social media may be a good route to take. I you have a brand, social media will strengthen that brand by simply getting on people's mind!

I have been running a social media marketing project recently for a kitchenware compan,y and it has been really fun having an engaged gathering. It has also been very successful! Perhaps introduce a tourist photo competition, various polls, Finding out about people's 'perfect holiday' etc. All of this will engage your following, learn more from them about what they want, and also offers the potential of fans sharing with their friends, especially if you involve fan competitions with voting. 

The other great advantage is that it is free, and if and when you want to pay for advertising, you can pay as little or as much as you like. 

With tourism especially, you can target audiences of very specific locations in your adverts which could be very handy!

Advertisements, both online and news/magazine ads.

Brochures and a website would help too.