Please mark the stress in the following words: Conduct(verb)      Conduct(noun) Produce(verb)     Produce(noun)

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In the four words you're asking about, the verb forms put the stress on the second syllable, and the noun forms stress the first syllable. Let me use boldface/rom type and caps/lc to show you what I mean. The stressed syllables are capitalized and printed in boldface type:

verbs: conDUCT and proDUCE

nouns: CONduct and PROduce

Webster's dictionary labels stressed syllables with a  '. So the phonetic spelling of the noun form is \ˈkän-(ˌ)dəkt\. The phonetic spelling of the verb is \kən-ˈdəkt. You can listen to the pronunciation of each word at the web site link in the sources section. 

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