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Maria Teresa marries Leandro on Valentine's Day, 1958.

In Chapter Six, Maria Theresa writes in her diary in 1946:

I know the rumor that got started once I’d been living at home a few years. That I didn’t like men. It’s true that I never paid much attention to the ones around here. But it wasn’t that I didn’t like them. I just didn’t know I was looking at what I wanted.

In July of 1957, Maria Theresa, who goes by the nickname of Mate, goes to live with her sister Minerva and her husband Manolo. While she resides there, she has a recurring dream in which she sees her father and other men. But, finally, the dream fades and Mate realizes she has completed some stage in her life. One day, a man comes to the door and asks if she is the baby sister of "Mariposa," the code name for Minerva. After he leaves, Mate opens the box which contains many guns for the underground movement.

Mate has been immediately attracted to the delivery man and joins her sister in the underground movement; her involvement brings her into contact with the man, whose real name is Leandro, and they eventually marry on Valentine’s Day of 1958 (Chapter 7).

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