Mapping a gene mutation I am doing a project that is titled "Mutant Dinosaur".  It is asking for the original gene, original dinosaur DNA, mRNA, original amino acid sequence, mutated gene by inserting, deleting, or substituting one or more bases. It also says mutated DNA, mRNA, and mutated amino acid sequence. Thank you.

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Okay, lets start with the original gene.  Genes are sections of amino acids, grouped together in threes to make a unit called a codon.  These amino acids consist of a sugar, phosphate, and a base.  The bases in DNA consist of four bases: adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine.  So to start, we need a section of DNA, which can be arranged in whatever pattern you want, since you are "making" your own mutant dinosaur.  How about this one:


Messenger RNA (mRNA) is what is used to go get the necessary...

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