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There are several important place to note in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Of course, the novel takes place almost entirely within the town of Maycomb. The first place of interest might be the street Scout's family lives on. There are several different houses of interest on this street such as Miss Maudie's house or the Radley house. Another important place in town is the school that Jem and Scout attend. While it is close enough for them to walk to, their journey to school becomes an important one as Boo Radley begins to leave them gifts in the old tree. The walk home from the school also plays a key role near the end of the novel when the children are attacked after the school play. The courthouse and the jail would also be important places to put on a map of the town. Atticus defends Tom from the outraged townsfolk both in court and outside the jail. The home of Mayella and her father might also be an important place since that is where Tom's troubles begin. It could also be interesting to note the segregation of the town which can be seen by mapping the area where Scout lives compared to the area where Tom and Calpurnia live.
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