Map of Hell in InfernoIn Inferno, what do you think about Dante putting hell on the map?

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Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think it had two purposes:  one, it helped the reader visualize the circles of hell and easily recall who-resided-in-which circle.  Furthermore, granting it "map" status makes hell and its regions seem more like a "real" place.  Travel here, travel there, longitude, latitudes, and so forth.  What sin are you particularly guilty of?  Well, check out the fine accomodations you can expect upon arrival!  Meet your room-mates!  For eternity! 

Just as a reminder, the levels, from top to bottom and their inhabitants are as follows:

Circle One :  Limbo; Circle Two:  Lust; Circle Three:  Gluttons; Circle Four:  Hoarders; Circle Five:  The Wrathful; Circle Six: Heretics; Circle Seven:  Violent; Circle Eight:  Fraud, and finally, Circle Nine:  Treachery

There is a really cool interactive map at the link below, and also an interesting article about Dante's Hell.  A link to the main eNotes pages listed too.  Good luck in Hell! :)