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Many people love the beach and others love the mountains for a vacation. Which do you like better; the beach or the mountains? Even if you have never been to either, you have seen pictures. Choose one—either a beach or the mountains. What does the place look like? Does the place have a feel to it? What smells are there? What sounds do you hear? Describe your beach or mountains so that your reader can picture the scene you see in your mind.  

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Since you're being asked for an opinion, the correct answer for this assignment will depend on your own preferences. To help you choose between the two and formulate your answer, consider how it feels to be in both of those places—what do they have in common, and what differentiates them?

The beach, for example, is often a wide, open expanse. It can give you a feeling of vastness—you're at the edge of the land, or maybe even at the edge of the continent—looking...

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