Many of macbeths strengths are also his weaknesses. Explain this apparent contradiction in macbeths character What are his strengths? Which ones work against him?

kerrylynnbouman | Student

Macbeth is a truly human character with many flaws.  His own attributes and virtues play against him in the finality of the play.  His incredible strength of character haunt and weaken him so that he is left helpless, a prisoner in his own mortality and vulnerability.  Macbeth displays honour, virtue, loyalty and sagaciousness to his country and menfolk, these are all stripped of him when he takes a selfish lead in ambition and greed.  These are universal qualities which if kept under control would have led him to great heights, instead he becomes a shell of a man having explored all evil boundaries of every tantalising morsal of hedonism exemplifying his need for power.  His very downfall is epitimised after his gluttony blinds his inward morality.