At many information technology workplaces, what is the area referred to as where information technology employees can work but where other employees are not allowed because the area is the main access point of all computers on the network?

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This area might be referred to as the data centre, or server (room).

A server room stores, powers and operates all the computers in a network (or division/building etc.) - as well as any associated components.

Servers are usually kept in a separate room or cupboards/racks in order to increase security, but also to manage environmental requirements (fans used to cool servers can be noisy). Fire protection and server redundancy are also concerns.

Servers tend to consist of basic cpu components with little/no graphical interfaces. This increases the efficiency of the server, but also limits access to the virtual components to people with sufficient knowledge. The physical outlay of servers is often overwhelming to non-information technology experts.

Data centres may be made up of several server rooms, each with a dedicated task or function.

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