What are some quotes that display some form of manipulation in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?

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Act I, scene ii, lines 56-80:  Cassius is telling Brutus that everyone loves him and thinks he's great.  Cassius is offering to show Brutus how favorably everyone looks upon him, if Brutus will listen to such a humble man as Cassius.  Cassius is trying to get himself on Brutus' good side so Brutus will help with the conspiracy to kill Caesar.  In fact, most of Cassius' speeches to Brutus in this scene are forms of manipulation.

Act I, scene ii, lines 304 to the end of the scene: this is Cassius not just speaking of munipulation but planning to lead Brutus into thinking that the commoners are concerned about Caesar as well.  Cassius is going to write a variety of letters and make them look like they have come from other citizen in order to persuade Brutus to join the conspiracy.

Act II, scene ii, lines 93-104:  Decius is manipulating Caesar to come to the Senate today by telling him he will be mocked if he doesn't, and that he will be offered the crown and the Senate may change its mind if Caesar doesn't come today.

Lastly, both Antony's and Brutus' speechs in Act III, scene ii are examples of each man trying to manipulate the crowd into believing each man is in the right.


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