In Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli, what are three effects Maniac Magee has on the Beale household?

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Amanda loses her bedroom, Hester and Lester are better behaved, and Maniac helps with the chores.

Maniac becomes a part of the Beale family.  He reads to Hester and Lester, who love having an older boy in the house. Maniac is a role model. 

He was there when Hester and Lester came screaming down the stairs with a book, Amanda screaming even louder after them, the kids shoving the book and themselves onto Maniac's lap, Amanda finally calming down because they didn't want to crayon the book, they only wanted Maniac to read. (Ch. 13) 

Hester and Lester soon lose interest in “crayoning everything in sight,” as a matter of fact.  Amanda even starts to leave her books at home during the day. 

Maniac also takes over Amanda’s room, and Amanda moves in with them, but they do not mind at all.  They get to sleep in the bed with Amanda.  You would think that she would mind, but this seems to be the time that Amanda actually likes her younger siblings.  She enjoys sharing her room with them. 

Maniac fits in as if he belongs at the Beale house and has always been there.  He also does chores, including taking out the trash and mowing the grass.  He is very neat.  His room is clean, and he puts the cap on the toothpaste tube.

He played with the little ones and read them stories and taught them things. He took Bow Wow out for runs and he did the dishes without anybody asking. (Which made Amanda feel guilty, so she started to dry.) (Ch. 14) 

Maniac unties Hester and Lester’s shoelaces, which are always in knots.  He also is able to get them to take a bath without Amanda.  They generally become much more manageable with this heroic older brother figure in the house.

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