In Maniac Magee how does Maniac humiliate Mars Bar?

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Maniac Magee humiliates Mars Bar by taking a bite of his candy bar and then winning a race where he is running backwards.

Maniac Magee and Mars Bar had a rocky start to their relationship.  Mars Bar did not know what to make of Maniac.  He was a strange kid.  He did not react to Mars Bar yelling at him, and when Mars Bar offered him a bite of his candy bar, he bit it.  This shocks everyone.

The kid had done the unthinkable, he had chomped on one of Mars's own bars. Not only that, but white kids just didn't put their mouths where black kids had had theirs... And the kid hadn't even gone for the unused end; he had chomped right over Mars Bar's own bite marks. (Ch. 10)

The altercation continues.  Mars Bar tries to get a rise out of Manaic,...

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