Manfred has been dubbed a Byronic Hero because of his characteristics and background. How does one of Manfred’s Byronic qualities dub him the hero?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of the many Byronic Hero qualities in Manfred, the sense of distance and alienation he displays throughout the narrative is what helps to make him the hero in this story.  Byron is fairly confident in constructing Manfred in a manner where his estrangement from society is his defining element and one that makes him the ultimate hero.  His refusal to accept help from everyone and anyone is what ends up forming his final stand, in which death is the only element that can conquer him.  This is a deliberate statement on Byron's part about Manfred and the Byronic Hero, in general.  For Byron, the world of "mere mortality" will be unable to fully understand and grasp the level of genius, austerity, and intensity of the Byronic hero, of Manfred.  Not even immaterial spirits can reach him, as Byron strives to display Manfred as the tortured emotional genius who possesses more insight into his own emotional character than even the spirits can grasp.  It is here where this quality ends up defining Manfred throughout the work, creating the ultimate showdown where death is the only force that can conquer Manfred, permanently excluding him from a society that is too feeble of mind and spirit to fully understand him.  This is the vision that Byron hopes to convey through his hero and his relationship with the world.

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Thank you, what are some philosophical ideas that are brought up in manfred?