Are good managers born or created?

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A similar concept applies to teachers, in my profession.  Some people are born teachers, or born managers. They have the qualities of a leader and they are well-socialized to understand how to manage human relationships.  This is, to a high degree, the most integral skill involved in both jobs.  Those that learn quickly, and have an intelligence that allows them to both see the bigger picture management or educational goals and strategies while still being able to both participate and direct the actions of individuals that get them closer to those goals also tend to be natural managers.

You can train someone to be a teacher or a manager.  There are basic skills that can be acquired, and nuances of business and education that can be learned. We have all worked for managers that have been effective and ineffective, and while I would argue that some "trained" managers can be effective, they tend to be less so, and are more often unsuccessful altogether.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, this cannot be answered in an either-or fashion.  I believe that managers are both born and created.  I do not think a person can be a great manager without the right personality traits, but I also do not think a person can be a great manager without the right education.

Part of management has to do with interpersonal relations.  In this aspect of management, the manager must have a knack for dealing with people -- for making them want to do good work.  I think that this aspect of management is largely inborn.

A second part of management has to do with more technical things.  It has to do with such things as knowing how to set up a production system and with knowing how to manage an inventory.  These are things that can be taught and generally are not inborn.

Therefore, I think that good managers are partly born and partly created.

claramolee100 | Student

I think a good manager have the managing ability at the time of born,and also it  can create later,a good management must have some qualities,such as planning,organising,directing and controlling power.and he must know about workers needs and wants and also the problems of employees.solve thier problem at correct time,then the company can run smoothly,becouse workers are the basic factor of every company.