Are managerial effectiveness and managerial efficiency related concepts? If so, how are they related?

Expert Answers
pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Managerial efficiency is simply the leadership style of the manager and how he relates to his subordinates.  Efficiency is measured by comparing the achieved results to the utilized resources.  Worker production hours to output, for example.  This has to do with how well a manager motivates his employees, it is reflected in worker productivity.

Managerial effectiveness would be a measure of how the manager behaves in a variety of situations.  A manager can't be efficient if he isn' effective.

The two are related in that, for example, when a manager produces greater results through the use of fewer resources, he is both efficient, using less resources to achieve a result, and effective. 

The manager who makes the right choices, uses the right amount of resources, chooses the right people for the task and communicates the objective clearly to his subordinates has achieved both efficiency and effectiveness.

Efficient use of resources provides outstanding results, more profit, greater productivity, etc.  Therefore, the manager has achieved his efficiency, effectively by making the right decisions.