Managements of most organizations are of the view that the type of punishment should focus on the behaviour rather than the person. Comment.

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(This type of question might receive a more thorough answer in the discussion forum.)  Most organization managements focus on the behavior rather than the person because the behavior is universal.  Take stealing for example.  Any person caught stealing from a company is likely to face the same penalty.  The penalty is based on the behavior of stealing rather than the individual because that makes the penalty both fair and an example to others who might wish to repeat the behavior.  If managements based penalties on the person, subordinates would begin to feel a sense of unfairness.  Some subordinates might be seem to get preferential treatment.  If the penalties are set out in advance based on the behavior being penalized, each subordinate understands what behaviors are acceptable and which are not.  The organization runs much more smoothly and without personal complications.

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