"Management is an art of getting things done through people." Do you think this definition is adequate for the present-day concept of management?

This idea that "management is an art of getting things done through people" is adequate for the present-day concept of management because modern workers want more freedom and flexibility. Today’s workers don’t like to be micromanaged. They want the management to trust them with projects without breathing down on their necks all the time.

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This definition of management does not integrate the growing role of technology in business processes and therefore in the management process. A better definition to convey the present-day concept of management would probably be something more along the lines of management is an art of getting things done through leveraging technology to maximize the productivity of human resources.

Almost every industry has gone through some phase of digitalization, which means that managers must decide how much to invest in technology to improve production, delivery, marketing and a range of other business applications. Even in many service industries that to the end consumer seemingly remain unchanged, there have been and continue to be technological upgrades that enable better forecasting and billing, as well as a myriad of other functions to improve profitability and facilitate business.

For instance, generally the hospitality business has digitalized the billing process to make it easy for customers to pay and to integrate loyalty programs in order to enhance customer loyalty and stickiness. The industry has also begun to leverage digital applications that allow the food and beverage division to order items based on expected demand, forecasting demand for supplies based on variables including seasonality and historical patterns and also enable the catering division to book corporate and other functions that might carry lower margins than traditional retail business but can enable the hotel to maintain capacity at around the desired levels.

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Mary Parker Follet mentioned these words. She believed that workers don’t have to be monitored all the time. She believed in collaborative leadership whereby managers can speak openly with their subordinates and exchange ideas and opinions. Your core duty as a leader is to inspire those that look up to you to become great. A leader nurtures other leaders.

When a leader inspires his or her subordinates, it prompts them to work hard. More work is accomplished as a result, and the organization prospers. That’s how managers get things done through people.

Modern organizations offer flexible working hours so that employees can work on personal projects during their free time. Such companies follow the management principles of Follet. They know that if they give workers liberty, they will be more productive.

Another modern concept that follows Follet’s management principle is intrapreneurship. In the spirit of innovation, some organizations encourage workers to think outside the box and create unique solutions. If the idea is feasible, the company will fund it and allow the employee to see that project to its completion. Since the firm is paying for everything, the product belongs to them. However, the company gives credit to the original inventor. It’s a win-win scenario for both parties.

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In some ways, this statement is true. Successful management entails the recruitment, training, and supervision of individuals chosen for tasks specifically tailored toward company goals, so in this respect, interpersonal interaction is very important as a means of maintaining efficiency and cohesion within a modern marketplace that is constantly evolving to suit increasingly specific consumer demands. However, given recent technological advances in the business sector, business has become more and more depersonalized, thereby reducing the need for highly developed interpersonal skills within the workplace. Before computers, tasks were organized and carried out person to person, with very few intermediaries to facilitate these demands. Now, in the age of Big Data, it has become more and more necessary to acquire skills related to the management of computer software (Microsoft Excel) rather than skills relating to the management of people. So, while it is true that successful management still entails working well with others, it has become more and more important to get things done through the successful integration and mastery of technological advances that surface constantly within a continuously evolving economy.

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I agree that this statement is true. A good "manager" is able to organize. There is always a goal to be reached and it is the job of the person in charge to make sure that this goal is met. This would mean providing feedback, setting examples, providing excellent organization skills and organizing and delegating tasks in order to reach the desired outcome. 

Effective managers also need to earn respect. This can be achieved by exhibiting a positive character and having strong interpersonal skills. Another way to earn respect is by listening. Many ineffective managers simply do not listen to what others have to say.

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The only way in which I would disagree with the statement is to say that you should include "science" in your statement.  In other words, management is the art and science of...

Management has always included some amount of science, or at least it has ever since Taylor's Scientific Management movement over 100 years ago.  Science is needed in the planning of the activities that the manager will have the people do.  This is becoming ever more important as competition gets fiercer and supply chains and such become more complex and international.

While dealing with people is an art, there is also a great deal of science involved in making sure a firm is trying to get those people to do the right things in the right ways.

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