Which do you think will become more important: the management of human resources or the management of technology, as organizations become more technology driven?

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Both of these will always be important.  However, I would argue that, regardless of the fact that organizations are becoming more technology-driven, management of human beings will always be more important.  This is because, in the end, all of the technology only has value when used by humans to create a product.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance to manage in such a way as to keep the humans happy and productive.

As an example of this, follow the link below from the New York Times.  It shows how the company Zynga has caused trouble for itself by poor management of its human resources.  It has not been as sensitive as perhaps it should be to their needs and is therefore having trouble attracting and retaining the sorts of people that it needs in order to remain successful.

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Obviously both are important, but in the end human resources are more important in a specific way.

When it comes to upper management, human resources are most important, as humans create the technology and design it for specific tasks. Therefore, without qualified people, no amount of automation or management of technology will do any good. Moreover, there will always be problems. When this happens, humans are needed to troubleshoot. That said, if we compare the general worker and technology, I would say the management of  technology is more important. 

It is sad to say but in many cases technology is more reliable than people. As technology grows in sophistication, technology will play a bigger role. So, to manage technology will grow in importance. 

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Human resources and technology both go hand in hand. Management of both is important, but human resources, in my opinion, precede the technological component. Technology is there to help/assist human beings (and has replaced humans to some extent), but the ultimate decisions still lie with human beings. 

As businesses become more technology driven, the management of human resources will become even more important. Since technology is replacing non-skilled or semi-skilled people in the workforce (think what the introduction of machines did to agriculture), the leftover workforce is skilled and hence need better management. An example is the fabrication of computer processors. The process is entirely automated (to avoid contamination and ensure quality), yet is supervised by highly skilled human beings and it is these humans that need better management.

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