Management can be defined as a process of bringing about improvement in knowledge,skills,habits and attitudes of employees in an organisation.Discuss

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that this statement pretty well covers what management is supposed to do, but with one exception.  I completely agree that management can be described in this way, but I think that you must not lose sight of the purpose of all of this.  It may sound completely obvious, but I think you have to acknowledge that the whole purpose of this is to make the company stronger in the long run.

It is certainly true that good managers will help make their employees better workers with better skills and habits and more knowledge.  However, this will not be of any value if doing so does not make the company stronger.

For example, what if the manager makes all of these things happens, but fails to put in place procedures that use these skills in an optimal way?  The skills will be wasted.

What if a manager does all these things but does not plan ahead well enough to foresee what products will be needed?

So there is another component to management beyond just improving the workers.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The process of bringing about improvement in knowledge, skill, habits. and attitudes of employees in an organization is a fairly important part of management activities, still it constitutes too small part of the total scope of management activities to qualify as a definition of management.

Management is consists of four broad function, which are (1) planning or decision making, (2) organizing and staffing, (3) motivating and leading, and (4) controlling. All the activities described in the question form a  small part of staffing activity, which in itself is a part of the second activity listed above.Also the definition of management given in the question makes no mention of the responsibility of management in achieving the organizational objectives, toward which all management activities need to be directed.

Thus desorption of management as "a process of bringing about improvement in knowledge, skill, habits. and attitudes of employees in an organization" is not a very good or satisfactory definition of management.

udonbutterfly | Student

Honestly it takes the right type of person to be a good manager. Not only must they exhibit exceptional skills in planning and organizing but they must also be a leader. A manger's position is the first person that a distressed person will call for.  I always ask my self why? It is because distressed customers feel that managers will be able to solve the problem more efficiently than the already floored employed. So of course being a leader in a manger's position they must also show the employee's ways of dealing with customers thus becoming products of that manager and representing the manager.