Management can be defined as "a process of bringing about improvement in knowledge, skill, habit, and attitude of the employees in an organization." Discuss.

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Management must be oriented toward the employees’ success, which is crucial to the organization’s success. Clearly established organizational goals play an important role, and the manager is responsible for putting those goals into practice. Employees’ attitudes are the bedrock of the other attributes, for lack of positive attitude will impede their acquisition of knowledge, skills, and habits.

Much of the weight of the employees’ success falls to the individual manager. Their leadership depends on fulfilling basic management functions of planning, organizing, directing, and implementing. Specific to employee performance, once the short and long term plans are in place, the staff must be organized in line with the plans so that each employee understands their role.

Management is responsible for delegation of duties, and should not perform the duties themselves. Not one individual employee but groups or teams are responsible for performance of the necessary duties. The manager must do their best to ensure that they consistently meet quality standards. Effective communication and motivation are both important components of ensuring that outcome. Establishing effective initial training and providing ample opportunity for updating necessary skills and knowledge will further help ensure that habits and attitudes remain positive and that employees contribute most effectively to furthering organizational goals.

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