managementprovide full fleged knowledge of mgmt plz send pdf files on

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This should probably be posted on the question boards as you aren’t really looking for discussion. In addition, it might help us help you if you expressed exactly what it was you wanted to discuss about management. Why don’t you try checking out the experts at enotes live tutoring link: J

qasim22 | Student

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krishna-agrawala | Student

"Full fledged knowledge of management", this is a tall order! Even a big shelf full of very well selected books on management will not be able to accommodate all the the knowledge that exists today on the subject of management. The kind of information you are asking is too large to be included in this discussion post as well as for mailing on a PDF file.

I thing you will be able to get more sueful information from others if you are more realistic and specific in your expectation. Also you need to give some consideration to the extent of efforts required by the respondent.

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