Management and science both is interrelated to each other but management is an art as well as science. Science is not an art.  

krishna-agrawala | Student

The debate about whether management is an art of science, is a very old one. The reason this question has never been settled satisfactorily, is the general belief that science and art cannot coexist. That a task the requires use of artistic creativity cannot be aided by science, and that scientific methods have no need for artistic abilities. Such beliefs are the result of the very different ways in which the science and art works. These two are as opposite as black and white. But because black and white are opposite, it does not mean that a good painting cannot make use of both black and white colour in it.

Management is a very wast and very wide field, which cannot be effective when forced to limit its methods to purely scientific or purely artistic type. Depending on the situation and its demands, good managers make use of scientific methods as well as their skills and creative talents which are identified more with arts than with science.

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