The Man Who Turned Into a Stick

by Kobo Abe

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In The Man Who Turned Into A Stick how were the people Man From Hell and Woman From Hell created to be more like good people instead of bad people? I am in a play at my school and we are performing "The Man Who Turned Into A Stick". I am playing the role of The Woman From Hell and my friend is playing the role of Man From Hell and we are having trouble figuring out how to become more of our character. We remember our lines, but we don't really feel our lines.

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The Man who Turned into A Stick is a difficult play to understand, so I sympathize with you!
The Man and Woman from Hell aren't necessarily bad people, they are people who do what they are supposed to. In fact in the end of the play, when the Man from Hell calls the audiences sticks he says, "‘‘It’s just the simple truth,’’ he says, ‘‘the truth as I see it.’’ Man from Hell represents bureaucracy and the status quo.
IN fact, the woman from hell says that she feels sorry for the stick, the Woman from Hell is comforting for the stick. As characters that are supposed to come from hell, the man and Woman from Hell are not evil, they are fulfilling their duty. Although the Woman from hell is supposed to be emotionless, she is in training and clearly has not gotten their yet.
The man and Woman from hell are not good people, but since they have to be trained to be unemotional its clear that at some point they had normal human emotions.

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