The Man to Send Rainclouds by Leslie Marmon Silko

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In "The Man to Send Rain Clouds", what do Leon and Father Paul have in common?

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Hello! In ' The Man To Send Rain Clouds,' Leon and his brother-in-law Ken find the dead body of Leon's grandfather under a big cottonwood tree. Leon is satisfied that he has fulfilled his tribal duties after going through all the ritualistic steps of honoring the dead, according to Native American tradition. Before he wraps his grandfather in a red blanket, he ties a small gray feather in the old man's long white hair. He then draws a white streak across his grandfather's forehead and a blue streak along the old man's cheekbones. He pauses to throw cornmeal and pollen into the wind. After he paints a yellow streak under his grandfather's nose and a streak of green across the chin, he is...

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