In A Man of the People by Chinua Achebe, is Chief Nanga a corrupt man?

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Chief Nanga is portrayed as an obviously and overwhelmingly corrupt man, and functions as the primary antagonist of the story. He is described as a natural and effortless politician, and is said to be able to get away with anything that he wants and achieve any ends that he desires. He deliberately seduces Odili's girlfriend Elsie, putting him at odds with Odili for most of the narrative action. Almost humorously, both men have much in common with each other in terms of their dealings with women, such as a naive and prevalent chauvinism that shines through despite any charm that either character might posess.

Chief Nanga is the Minister of Culture, and he frequently exploits his public office and the people he is supposed to serve for his own personal and financial gain. Though not without his charm, he is shown to constantly play dirty politics and embezzle money for his own personal use. He does away with reliable and level-headed politicians that give him sound advice, and often makes...

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