Man of La Mancha Essay topic help?Discuss the idea developed by the author about the conflict between pursuing an idealistic personal desire and choosing to conform.What could I talk about?

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In choosing an essay topic for Man of La Mancha, think about the conflict between something you want very much and instead having to conform to what everyone else wants.  I'm sure that you would rather have your own way than to do what others choose for you.  That is the idea behind Man of La Mancha.  I might compare something I want which is idealistic such as always having personal freedom of religion with the idea of conforming to the new Catholic pope who is insistent on returning to many of the old ways of this church such as a Latin mass.  Or, you could discuss the many ways such conflict is shown in this novel with which you can identify.  Make this comparison personal if that appeals to you.  As a high school senior, conflicts abound in your life, so at least one of them should help you with this assignment.

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