A man has 2 times as many mangoes as his neighbour. Together they have 12 mangoes. How many mangoes does the neighbour have?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let the number of mangoes the man has be M. As he has twice the number that his neighbor has, the number of mangoes with his neighbor is M/2

Together they have 12 mangoes. This gives M + M/2 = 12

=> (3/2)*M = 12

=> M = (2/3)*12

=> M = 8

The neighbor of mangoes with the neighbor is 8/2 = 4.

The neighbor has 4 mangoes.

tmkimball | Student

If they have 12 total, your starting equation should be:



3a=12  (consolidating the equation)

Narrowing down to the variable by dividing by 3 on each side):





The neighbor has 4 and he has 8.

epsm79 | Student

ok, lets say the neighbor has x mangoes. this means that the man has twice that or 2x. so together means:

x + 2x = 12                            combine like terms

3x = 12                                  divide both sides by 3

x = 4

since the neighbor had x mangoes, then this means the neighbor had 4 mangoes.