What is Malcolm's perspective in Macbeth? 

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Malcolm is the son of King Duncan of Scotland, and is thus the rightful heir to the throne when Macbeth murders the king. He flees to England with his brother Donalbain after the murder, and some of the characters suspect him of killing his father as a result.  He remains interested in avenging his father's death, though the reader can infer that he quite understandably does not know who to trust, and Macduff is not certain that he can trust him.

Nevertheless, the two men prove their virtue to each other when Macduff comes to England to beg his help in deposing Macbeth. Malcolm assumes his rightful place on the throne after the usurper's death. He is portrayed at the end of the play as a leader who has the respect of all his followers, whom he rewards with the title of earl.

kessjs | Student

Malcolm is the son of King Duncan. After Macbeth murders King Duncan, it is only natural that Malcolm should take the throne of Scotland. However, Malcolm is aware that something is happening. He goes on to suspect Macbeth's part in his father's death. So, Malcolm runs away. Unfortunately, this also looks bad on Malcolm's part, and Lady Macbeth attempts to frame Malcolm and Donaldbain, to some extent, for King Duncan's death.

As the story goes on, Macduff and Malcolm team up to defeat Macbeth. It is extremely likely that Malcolm joins Macduff's forces (whose goal is to take the power-driven Macbeth off the throne) so as to revenge his father's death. However, it might also be viewed that Malcolm also wanted to defeat Macbeth so that HE could take the throne. This view, however, would be mostly proven wrong by the end of the play, where Malcolm is shown as a just leader who makes his devoted servants earls. 

suvini | Student

well.... thats a pretty tricky question....

but we know that immediately after the murder of King Duncan Malcolm and Donaldbain leave the palace believing that whoever killed their father would want to kill them....

we can conclude that Macolm is scared some- what..

so according to ur question malcolm's perspective is that he belives that macbeth is a very bad and dreadful ruler and belives for immediate action against this violence... 

hope this helped u!!!!!!!!!!!