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Make two arguments with examples that supports your position to the question: Should the filibuster be rule be changed to make it more difficult for senators to prevent a vote on a bill?

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Here are two arguments in favor of keeping the filibuster rule as it is.  First, the Framers of the Constitution meant for the Senate to be able to obstruct the House of Representatives.  George Washington famously told Thomas Jefferson (at least this is how the story goes) that the Senate should be used to cool the House’s passions just as a saucer was used to cool tea that was too hot.  The Framers wanted the Senate to be much more deliberative and they wanted it to be harder to get bills through the Senate.  We should keep the filibuster as is because it helps to accomplish this. 

Second, the filibuster has been part of our political landscape for a long time.  Our system of government is not perfect, but it has helped our country become and remain very strong.  The government has been able to do this even though there has always been the possibility of filibusters in the Senate.  While we do have problems today, it is hard to say that they exist because of the rule on filibusters.  In short, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Here are two arguments in favor of changing the rules to make filibusters more difficult.  First, we can say that filibusters have become too easy.  In the past, Senators actually had to stand up and speak for as long as they wanted the filibuster to last.  Now, they do not have to this at all.  They can just inform the Senate leadership that they are going to filibuster and the leadership holds up action on the bill until agreement can be reached.  This means that Senators don’t actually have to work hard to filibuster.  We should change the rules so that filibustering is as difficult as it used to be.

Second, we can say that the filibuster has come to be overused in today’s hyperpartisan climate.  In the past, Senators would only filibuster on issues that were really important.  Now, (partly because filibusters are so easy) Senators filibuster on all sorts of issues.  This means that they can obstruct anything they like, not just bills that have to do with really major issues.  In our current political climate, the filibuster is being abused and overused.  Therefore, we should make it harder to filibuster.

Which of these arguments make more sense to you?

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