Make a timeline of events in Animal Farm, either in pictorial (images) or written form.

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your best bet will be to establish a simple time line in order of occurrence. Few specific dates are given (primarily only the seasons, which you could add, if necessary).

  • Old Major calls the animals to a secret meeting.
  • Old Major outlines his animal commandments.
  • Old Major leads the animals in "Beasts of England."
  • Old Major dies (early March).
  • The animals take over the farm (about three months after Old Major dies, on Midsummer's Day)
  • The Seven Commandments are established.
  • The news spreads through the county about the animal rebellion.
  • The animals defeat the humans at the Battle of the Cowshed (October 12)
  • Mollie defects to the humans.
  • Snowball's expulsion.
  • Work begins on the windmill.
  • The pigs break the Fourth Commandment (sleeping in beds).
  • A storm destroys the windmill.
  • "Beasts of England" is banned.
  • The animals sell timber to Frederick but are paid with forged bank-notes.
  • The animals defeat the humans in the Battle of the Windmill.
  • Boxer is "retired" to the horse slaughterer.
  • The pigs get drunk on whisky.
  • The pigs begin walking on two legs.
  • The Commandments are reduced to only one.
  • The pigs and humans join together, and Animal Farm is renamed Manor Farm.