How do I create a project on Nationalism and literarture?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The best way to create a project based upon both literature and Nationalism is to first find a text which offers a specific view or theme regarding Nationalism.

Without knowing if you have already chosen a text to examine, the following texts offer specific thoughts on Nationalism:

1. Against His Story, Against Leviathan- Fredy Perlman (novel)

2. Nationalism and State- John Breuilly (novel)

3. "The Patriot"- Robert Browning (poem)

4. "The Man Who Raised Charleston"- Henry Lawson (poem)

5. "A Poem, On the Rising Glory of America"- Hugh Henry Brackenridge (poem)

There are many more examples available.

The ideal project will take many different texts and examine what each has to say about Nationalism. You could look at Naturalism by literary period (war tends to have a great affect on literature constructed) or by nationality. What you could construct is a project which examines the changing perspectives of Nationalism during war in different periods by writers of different nationalities.