Make an information leaflet for first time parents explaining the role of the placenta. Include a discussion of monochorionic twins in the leaflet.

Your leaflet should include an attractive cover with a title, a section defining placentas, information on maintaining a healthy placenta, potential complications, a section concerning monochorionic twins, and a section about what happens to it after birth. Each section should have a paragraph or two, maybe some bullet-points, and visual aids.

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A leaflet concerning the placenta should present basic important information in a visually appealing way. Since a leaflet generally fits on a single piece of paper, it does not need to go into great depth. However, it should still touch upon the most important topics with one or two paragraphs each or bullet-points.

Start by folding a horizontally oriented piece of paper into thirds. Depending on your teacher's requirements, you may be able to use software to create these divisions. Since a piece of paper has two sides, this will give you six sections to work with.

Most leaflets have an attractive cover. Come up with a catchy yet simple title. Something like "The Placenta, your baby's first room," or simply "What is a Placenta?" can do. Choose or create an image to go along with it. It doesn't necessarily have to be an image of a placenta, just something that connects to the topic overall.

The next section should briefly define what a placenta is and why it's an important part of pregnancy and fetal development. In just a few sentences, explain that the placenta helps pass blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the fetus from the mother via the umbilical cord. Explain that it takes as many as twenty weeks to fully form. A diagram or illustration could accompany this explanation.

First-time parents are going to want to do everything that they can to keep their baby healthy. The next section of the leaflet could explain how expectant mothers can help ensure that the placenta develops properly. Mention that avoiding alcohol and not smoking are important parts of this. There are also foods, such as sweet potatoes, leafy greens, and eggs, that contain important nutrients for placental development. The leaflet should state that pregnant women should consult their doctor for further information about this.

Include a section about signs to look for that might indicate that there could be problems concerning the placenta. Don't try to scare the reader. Rather, just present the information so that they know what to look for. You can briefly mention conditions like placenta praevia, placenta abruption, and placenta accreta.

At this point, you can include your section on monochorionic twins. Mention that usually a placenta contains a single fetus, but that in some cases twins (and even triplets) share a placenta. Include a brief explanation of why this occurs, how it is diagnosed, possible complications, and how they are treated. Once again, an illustration would be helpful in this section.

The final section can include anything that you still think is necessary or helpful for first-time parents to know about placentas. You might mention what happens to a placenta after birth or different cultural practices concerning placentas.

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