Major characters in Pride and Prejudice often experience conflict when their emotional needs and at odds with their social circumstances.  Discuss.

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This can be seen in the main character of Elizabeth Bennett.  Her mother and father would sure be happy if she married for money, as indeed many young women did at that time. Her parents are burdened by taking care of her, and if she were to marry into money, then that would directly benefit her family, giving them a higher social status, and linking them into more finances.  So, that is the social circumstance that Elizabeth finds herself in, but she does not want to marry for money.  She wants to marry for love, for a man that she truly cares for and wants to be with.  That desire leads to a lot of conflict within her.  First of all, when she rejects Collins, who would be able to provide her with a comfortable and reputable living. Then again, when she rejects Darcy, the great amount of money that comes with his title is a huge risk to turn down.

Jane Bennett too finds herself longing for love in marriage, and finds a suitable match with Bingley.  But, because of the social circumstances of her family--their poverty, and their lack of social tact and propriety--Bingley is discouraged from the match.  This causes much inner turmoil for Jane, as she was sure of his affections, and returned them.

Those are just a couple examples, and I hope that they helped; good luck!

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