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The main reason that cellular respiration occurs in a cell is to: Here are the choices: A) produce glucose. B) release energy from anabolic reactions, which then can be used to drive catabolic reactions. C) release energy from sugar molecules; the energy is then used to generate ATP. D) break down ATP molecules into ADP and a phosphate. E) activate the plasma membrane of the cell so that more ADPs can be transported.

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The correct answer here is C.  Cellular respiration is the process where the cell takes glucose (a sugar) and chemically breaks it down to use the energy to produce ATP.  ATP is the way for a cell to store energy to be used later for a variety of processes.  A is wrong because glucose is consumed during respiration, not produced by it.  B is wrong because anabolic reactions consume energy while catabolic reactions produce energy.  D is wrong because respiration produces ATP, not consumes it.  And E has nothing to do with respiration.  So C is clearly the best choice here.

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