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What are the main points of a narrative technique?

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Narrative technique is characterized by a number of authorial decisions and devices. Effectively, when asking about how to characterize narrative technique we are asking how the writer shapes a story through the use of literary conventions and story-telling strategies.

One of the most prominent elements of narrative technique is an author's use of point of view. Point of view (first person perspective, third person limited, third person omniscient, etc.) constitutes perhaps the most significant aspect of the narrative technique of a given piece of literature. 

Additionally, the structure of a story is important in describing narrative technique. Are the sections short or long? Are there chapters, parts, or no separated sections? 

The ways in which information is revealed or held back can also be important in discussing narrative technique, especially in works with a distinct plot focus. Foreshadowing, climax and false climax can also be considered part of a writer's structural strategy.

Use of dialogue, dialect, and specific language choices (slang, contemporary, non-contemporary, etc.) also help to describe narrative technique. 

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