Please provide information on the main character or characters from The Story of My Life by Helen Keller.   main character's - information  

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The Story of My Life is an autobiography and, as such, is Helen Keller's personal account of her life, up until age 22. Contributions by others who knew her, and letters she wrote, also combine to provide a complete and rounded characterization of Helen Keller.

In Helen's life, after she is left blind and deaf from a debilitating illness at the age of only 19 months, there are people who have a profound effect on her. Helen's parents refuse to give up on her, despite her violent outbursts and recognize her desperate attempt to communicate which becomes "so urgent that these outbursts occurred daily, sometimes hourly." (Ch III)

Alexander Graham Bell is another who has a lasting impression on Helen Keller. The meeting with him "would be the door through which I should pass from darkness into light." (ChIII) It is his suggestions that lead her parents to the Perkins Institute and Ann Sullivan.  

After consultations, they are able to secure Ann Sullivan, Helen's teacher who " set my spirit free." (Ch I) After that day, the world becomes a different place for Helen as "somehow the mystery of language was revealed to me"(ChIV). Ann Sullivan, herself partially sighted, is able to overlook all of Helen's attempts to get the better of her and her outlook inspires Helen to accomplish incredible things.



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