Who are the main characters in Regards from the Dead Princess by Kenize Mourad?

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The important characters in Regards from the Dead Princess by Kenize Mourad are:

Rajah Amir: Husband of Selma and the Rajah of Badalpur and Aysha Salimabad (India). He is somewhat of a figurehead due to British colonialism

Princess Selma: granddaughter of Sultan Murad V of the Ottoman (Turkish) empire. She marries Rajah Amir and becomes Rani Selma of Badalpur and Aysha Salimabad.

Sultan Murad V: Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and grandfather of Princess Selma. Overthrown by his brother Abdul Hamid II.

Abdul Hamid II. Brother to Murad V and usurper of the Ottoman throne.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk: When Selma first hears of him, she has romantic fantasies about him. He is a general and eventually overthrows the royal lineage of the Ottoman Empire, sending Selma's family into exile and founding modern Turkey. 

Princess Selma's family (mother and brother)

Kenize Mourad herself who is both the baby of Princess Selma and the author of the fictional reconstruction of Princess Selma's life.

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