The main character is young. How do the details in the first three paragraphs show his youthfulness? 

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The youthfulness of the main character is conveyed by many of the details in the third paragraph of the story. He refers to meeting his friends to play outside, even in winter when night falls so early that it would be dusk even before they got to eat their dinners. He says they would play until "[their] bodies glowed," as children do, playing hard, running around, pretending, hiding, and getting out of breath and flushed so that their cheeks would glow with color. He refers to their activities as the "career of our play"—this is the weightiest work they have to do, playing, because they are children. Instead of having occupational careers in the way adults do, jobs at which they spend the biggest part of their day, the children's "career" is their play.

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