Is the main character static or dynamic? If the character is static, explain what insight he/she fails to gain. If dynamic, explain what insight the character gains.

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I argue that the main character is the "semi-barbaric" king who lived long ago. He devises a system of justice in which a person who is accused of a crime has to appear before the people in a great coliseum. The accused has to choose between two doors. Behind one is a hungry tiger and behind the other is a beautiful maiden. If he picks the door with the tiger, he is devoured and considered guilty. If he picks the door with the beautiful maiden, he is considered innocent and gets to marry the maiden with great fanfare.

The king is a static character because he never changes. He fails to learn or grow. Chiefly, he maintains his belief in his barbaric system of justice unwaveringly, even when it threatens to hurt his daughter, who is caught in a no-win situation. If he were a dynamic character he would begin to question whether the justice system he has implemented is really just and helpful or simply a cruel spectacle.

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