The main cause of the 1905 revolution in Russia was the Japanese victory in the Russo-Japanese war? Do you agree with this statement?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do not agree with this statement.  The Russian defeat in the Russo-Japanese War certainly helped lead to the 1905 Revolution.  It can even be called a major catalyst for that revolution.  However, it was not the main cause of the rebellion.  The true causes of the revolution were economic and political and had been in existence before the Russo-Japanese War.  The war was a major spark that helped bring the revolution about, but it was not the main cause.

The major cause of the 1905 Revolution was the fallout from the push for industrial growth that was started by Tsar Alexander III and continued by Nicholas II.  This push is typically associated with Sergei Witte, who was finance minister beginning in 1892.  The tsars felt that Russia needed to industrialize in order to maintain its position as a major European power.  Witte instituted a number of programs to make this happen.  While Russia did industrialize to some degree, the industrialization caused a great deal of unrest.  The aristocratic landowners became unhappy because they felt that capitalists (many of them foreign) were getting too much wealth, prestige, and power.  Peasants had to pay taxes to support the industrialization, but it did not do them any good that they could discern.  As industrialization occurred, an urban proletariat grew.  This group of workers endured poor conditions and had few rights (for example, unions were illegal).  These factors meant that landowners, peasants, and workers were all unhappy with the changes that were occurring in their country.

This set of problems was the real cause of the Revolution of 1905.  Of course, the war did play a role.  It made people feel that their government and their tsar were incompetent.  It made them wonder if their country was really progressing.  It also exacerbated their economic problems as resources went to the failed war effort.  All of this helped make people even angrier about the underlying problems that had occurred because of industrialization.  However, it was those problems, and not the war, that was the real cause of the revolution. 

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jose33 | Student

i agree this statement as follow,Russo-Japanese war was the main cause of Russian revolution as the following points.

1.Russian government spent much money in the war which later influenced people to became hush due to the fact that instead of Russian government spent a lot of money then later on at the the end the war Russian become to be defeated by Japaneses thus why revolution took place due to the people blamed  Russian government for spending much money for unprofitable war of 1905 at the same time life of many Russian war bad.

Russian government fail to solve the problems of the Prussians who were facing with many problems like land alienation taken by few people in Russia,unemployment as well as heavy taxes due to the fact that Russian government needed money so as to spend on war,but at the end of the war as we know Russian defeated things which cleated hush to the many Russians who later make change to their government.thus Russian government fail to full fill what  many Prussians ware waiting for,but later on Russian defeated instead of much money spent.