Mahendra calls ghosts or sprits a figment of the imagination. What happens to him on a full moon night?  

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Mahendra does indeed call ghosts a figment of the imagination. That doesn't stop him from being scared of them, though. This is the result of all those scary ghost stories told to him by his servant Iswaran. Mahendra might be spooked by all these creepy tales, but Iswaran tells them in such an entertaining way that it makes up for not having a TV in his living quarters. But Mahendra soon regrets listening to Iswaran's ghost stories as they start to make him feel uneasy when he goes to bed each night. Previously, he'd always liked looking through the window at the milk-white landscape during a full moon. But after hearing Iswaran's tale about the female ghost, he stops doing it completely.

One night, Mahendra hears a weird moaning sound outside. He wants to investigate but he's so creeped out that he doesn't dare. But as the blood-curdling noise gets louder and louder, he can't hold back any longer. As he peers uneasily through the window, Mahendra catches sight of what appears to be a dark, cloudy shape clutching some kind of bundle. Mahendra is terrified; this vision reminds him of Iswaran's most recent—and disturbing—ghost story about a phantom woman with matted hair and a shriveled face, holding a fetus in her arms. Mahendra falls back on his pillow, his face drenched with cold sweat, desperately telling himself that it wasn't a ghost that he saw; it was merely a figment of his imagination.

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