Explain the games in The Mahabharat: 'The Dicing' and 'The Sequel to Dicing'.

neela | Student

Before the dicing ,a lot of discussions were there, but Yudhistira is obliged to play. But Shakuni comes in to play for Duryodhana.During the dicing event Yudhishtira stakes his wealth jwellary, Inprastha,and the belongings of his brothers one  by one and looses one by one.Shakuni, mocks and provokes Yudhistera at each stage and demands to stake. He thus looses his brothers Nakula, Sahadeva. Then Shakuni mocks Dharmaraja that at best those are the stepbrothers he (Dharmaraja) lost, but Arjuna and Bhema are the not so and Dharmaraja won't bet them.This forces Yudhistira to stake Arjuna, and  then Bheema. But he looses them also.Then he looses himself and his liberty at the stake as demanded by Shakuni.At this moment of his complete defeat including himself, he is again mocked to stake Draupadi.Yudhistira stakes Draupadi and looses her also .There were strong reactions from the assembly when Yudhistira staked her.Draupadi questions the legality of staking her when she was forced and dragged in front of the assembly.She asks the for the whole assembly and the intellectuals that the staking of her by Yudhistira  was after his losing himself and his freedom.There were favouring reactions to her questions. Interestingly,Vikarna , a young brother of Duryodhana , reacts in support of  Draupadi. He says  courageously  that Yudhistara is enticed to play the game deeply plotted by Duryodhana and Shakuni. And that a lost Yudhistira has not the right keep the bet Draupadi. Moreover, it is against to the rules of the play to demand anything  to keep as the bet.  The assembly supported him . But Karna silenced him, by saying that he is too young before the others in that hall.Duryodhana in the open court  chides Druapadi and invites her to sit on his thigh , pating and baring his thigh. He orders  Dusshasana to disrobe her in front of the court. Dusshana begins to execute the act. But Draupadi cannot be bared. She is endowed with the divine grace of being in new dress to whatever extent the clothes are pulled by Dusshasana. The strong Dusshana fails and exhausts tired.The Assembly stands stunned at the miracle.Bheema sends shivering signals by oath that he will tear open the Dusshana's heart and drink the blood of him, and he shall break the thigh of the Duryodhana on which druaupadi was tauntingly invited to sit. Plus the invincible Draupadi by the Divine blessing made Dhritarastra still more afraid of the Pandavas. He asks the pardon of Draupadi and releases all that was won in the Dicing events.

Of course, the unsatisfied by Dhritarastra's act,Shakuni and Duryodhana once agains plead before Dhritarastra for another dicing event with Yudhistira . In the second  spell of dicing event , again Yudhitira is defeated  and goes for exile for 12 years ,of course , they should live in forest by the condition and  the 13th  year they should live in disguise without being identified by anybody. If they(any of them) are identified  by anybody during the period of disguise, they should repeat again 12 years of exile in forest and  the 13th year in disguise.



krishna-agrawala | Student

I understand you are referring to the games of dice that Yudhisthir played with Shakuni on the Invitation of Dhritrashtra.

There were actually two sessions of games mentioned in Mahabharata. In the first session Yudhishtir lost all his kingdom and possessions including himself, his brothers, and finally his wife Draupadi. When this happened Duryodhana had Draupadi forcibly brought to the assembly hall. Here Dushasan, a brother of Duryodhana, tried to strip Draupadi in the assembly hall in front of all the persons assembled there. Draupadi was saved from this atrocious and shameless act only by a divine intervention. At this moment inauspicious signs like howling of donkeys and dogs started occurring. Dhritrashtra, interpreting these signs as signal of complete downfall and destruction of his family, realized the folly of his actions in enticing Yudhishtir to gambling in a game of dice, and returned everything lost by Yudhishtir.

In consequence, Yudhishtir returned to his capital Indraprastha. But Duryodhana and Shakuni were very much dismayed by the decision of Dhritrashtra, and once again prevailed upon him to invite Yudhishtir for another game of dice. Yudhishtir, though  not at all keen to play, accepted the invitation to save his honour in line with the customs of his time. Thus a second game of dice took place.

In the second game the wager was between Duryodhana and Yudhishtir, that looser will, along with all his brothers, exile to forest, followed by one year of incognito stay, with further condition that if recognized during this period of incognito stay, they will again go to exile for 12 years. Yudhishtir lost this game also. An a result went into exile with his brothers and Draupadi. They spent the next thirteen years in exile as per the condition of the condition of wager.

mahadevi | Student

They are none other than the ludo that we play today. But in mahabharatha shakuni had magical dice that was made by his father's back bones and could fullfill his own wishes about the particular no. Regarding the game.