Are Magwitch and Pip alike in Great Expectations?

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Jen Sambdman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It all depends on how you personally feel about the characters and their personalities. They were both orphans and had a tough life growing up, but the reacted to money a lot differently. Whereas Magwich worked for his money to give to Pip, Pip simply blew it all and never lifted a finger for it. Pip isnt skilled to work, can hardly function alone in society, and has a very skewed set of values. He also is embarrassed of Joe and his upbringing when those are his roots, family, where he was from. That transfers over to when he meets Magwich and finds out that he is his benefactor. Magwich on the other hand had a strong work ethic, and uncanny sense of loyalty to the boy who gave him a little bit of food and the file. Although Pip began to learn the error of his ways toward the end of the novel, I personally don't believe they were alike at all. I did not personally see Pip as a good person and Magwich as a very honest, hard-working man. Yes, he was a criminal, but he had more character and loyalty than Pip probably ever would.

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