The magnetic force acting on a wire that is perpendicular to a 1.8T magnetic field is 3.5N. If the current in the wire is 6.0A, the length of the wire that is inside the magnetic field?

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thilina-g eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The force exerted on a conductor in a magnetic field is F.

F = BILsin(theta)

Where, F - Force in Newtons

B - Magentic field in Tesla

I - Current in Amperes

L - Length inside the magentic field in Metres

theta - is the angle the wire makes with the magnetic field.


In this instance,

3.5 = 1.8 x 6 x L x sin(90)

3.5 = 1.8 x 6 x L x 1

L = 0.324 m


The length inside the magnetic field is 0.324 m.

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