Magnesium sulfate is called Epsom salt. If one needed 4.23 moles of this compound, what mass would you need.

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To solve for this problem, we need to employ the molar mass - moles ratio. Remember that:

`Number of mol es of any compound = (Given mass)/(molar mass)`

Since we are after to the given mass, we can have it as:

`Given mass = Molar mass * Number of mol es`

`Given mass = (4.23 mol es Magn esium s u l f a te)*(120.366 (grams)/(mol e))`

Given mass = 509.15 Grams Magnesium sulfate


Note: The molar mass of Magnesium sulfate is 120.366


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First let's molar mass of MgSO4:

M(MgSO4) = 24 + 32 + (16*4) = 120 g/mol

Mass of the substance is calculated by the formula:

m = M(MgSO4)*n(MgSO4)

m (MgSO4) = 120 g/mol * 4.23 g = 507.6 g

Answer: m (MgSO4) = 507.6 g