A magician wants to perform an illusion where she appears on stage at one location but she is not there. How can she do this by using curved mirrors (Concave and convex)?

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Magicians using mirror on their tricks was not a new thing however that skill really makes people amazed. Confusing audience sight is the key for this trick. Since it is very hard to explain the whole thing here, I can explain it briefly. The whole stage is composed of mirrors. The magician is only a reflection of series of mirrors arranged in a certain angle so as to carefully adjust her height and width. To adjust the reverse image which the audience can notice, two mirrors will be used to double reflect the current image. The walls and corners should have a featureless/bland background in order not to distinguish reflection. Curve mirrors can work to adjust the distances of the image since reflection in normal/flat mirror can give smaller images at certain distances. Now to make it look like the magician to teleport, she can make just hide herself in a box that has a passage to the back of the mirrors and going to some other places she wants.

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