Please comment on the use of magical realism in So Far From God.

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Critics have identified this work as falling into the genre of magical realism with its emphasis on placing everyday events alongside supernatural and magical occurrences. For example, the year-long trance that Fe enters into when her fiance leaves her or the magical resurrection of "la Loca" after her death at the age of three. Not only is la Loca's death foreshadowed by the noises of the distressed animals who were allowed to enter the house when they liked, but also the actual resurrection of la Loca, whilst she is in her coffin, is accompanied by the secondary miracle of levatation:

Then, as if all this was not amazing enough, as Father Jerome moved toward the child she lifted herself up into the air and landed on the church roof.

Again and again, as with other novels of this genre, the supernatural and the everyday have an easy coexistence and one magical event slips into an everyday occurrence without barely an eyebrow being raised. It is clear that Castillo meant this novel to be written in the style of magical realism, thus falling into the footsteps of literary antecedents such as Marquez and Allende. The purpose of the magical realism seems to concern the central character of Sofi, as these supernatural events focus attention on her own rise to power and therefore causes the reader to radically reassess what is meant by "success."

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