I'm writing a magazine based on the fashion industry and I need help to write the title of the magazine e.g Vogue, Girlfriend, etc. Thank you!!

Expert Answers
durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very exciting prospect and, if you think about the famous magazines that grace our shelves, the potential for a successful magazine, which starts with a good title, is enormous. You need to brainstorm your ideas remembering that no idea is a bad idea because there is always scope to improve an idea but, if there's no idea, what is there to improve?

The most important considerations will be:

  1. Personality types of preferred readers: Is the magazine appealing to the chic, classic, glamorous, exotic, bohemian, glitzy and so on? 
  2. Demographics: It is a fashion magazine so think about the demographics (ages, gender, style such as trendy, vintage, etc.). If you have not defined the demographic there is the danger that the magazine title will not attract enough of any type. 
  3. The season during which your magazine will be launched. 
  4. The budget for the launch issue because advertising and getting the name out there may also affect the choice of name.
  5. Do you want to be abstract or direct? 

The title of a magazine is always short and yet must capture the essence of its readership. You mentioned "Vogue" (abstract title) and "Girlfriend" (direct title). The definition of vogue includes references to leading, current and popular styles - in fact, the most popular - with a huge emphasis on celebrities and their fashion choices. It also suggests that anyone reading Vogue must be fashion-conscious and a person who already makes good choices. No one would question their fashion choices. 

Girlfriend has connotations, especially for aspirant teenagers, of what is required in order to be that perfect girlfriend. Furthermore, it gives teens a glimpse of the fashion world and many girls choose a career in modeling based on their exposure to this magazine. The magazine therefore has a huge responsibility to its readers to be honest and realistic. 

So now that you realize that choosing a title requires some serious planning and consideration, the brainstorming can begin based on where you see the magazine with this title going. Visualize yourself as the Creative Director of the magazine in five years time. What do you want for your magazine? Titles need to be catchy so that people remember them. Use literary devices (especially alliteration) to your advantage. Try not to be too cliche (using corny or predictable names). Some possibilities might include:

Future Me; Better and Best; Believe It!; Fabulous Fashion; Sassy and Stylish; Timeless. Good luck.